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Wise Publications Come On England! For Piano, V...
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DescriptionPatriotic anthems, ballads and songs. A mixture of arrangements for piano, voice and guitar, and piano solo.SonglistEverything Stops For Tea [Buchanan, Jack]First Movement (Cello Concerto) [Elgar, Edward]Hi De-hi (Holiday Rock) [Paul Shane And The Yellowcoats]Jupiter The Bringer of Jollity (The Planets) [Holst, Gustav]On The Crest Of A Wave [Hayward, Dennis]Over My Shoulder [Matthews, Jessie]Pastoral Symphony Movement 1,3,5Run, Rabbit, Run [Flanagan And Allen]Show Me The Way To Go Home [Holliday, Michael]Swing Low, Sweet ChariotThank U Very Much [Scaffold]The Cokey Cokey [Slade]The Lambeth Walk [Ambrose And His Orchestra]There´ll Always Be An England [Lynn, Vera]Underneath The Arches [Flanagan, Bud]We Are The Champions [Combined Supporters Club]We´ll Meet Again [Lynn, Vera]Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Mr Hitler? (Dad´s Army) [Flanagan, Bud]

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